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Healthy grains for a healthy life!

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

How many of us know that there are lot of adulterated food items in the market? To make it more scary, how many of us eat these adulterated items without knowing the fact that these are poorer in quality. Adulteration lowers the quality of food and sometimes, toxic chemicals are also added which can be hazardous to health.

While the govt. authorities has a role to play in fixing these things and the farmers have absolutely no role to play, how can a consumer avoid eating such food and how can a producer give the much required confidence to the consumer?

We can fix this together by bringing transparency to the entire life cycle of the food grain; from selection of the seed, farm, farmer, processing company, and the marketing company. Companies like Bluenumber are in the forefront in bringing transparency in the life cycle through traceability.

Food traceability will not just bring transparency and build confidence in the purchasing process but we will also get to know the farmer, exact location of the farm, the processing plant and every other important player in getting the product to the consumer. All of this will be achieved by tracking the blue numbers assigned to each party and scanned through a QR Code.

Doing anything like this is a marathon effort but this will bring healthy food grains to the consumers and put more responsibility on each eco-system player.

It's an interesting space to be in and all the existing startups haven't even scratched the surface yet. Sreshta Farm, under agriDNA ventures is making an effort to bring all these eco-system players on traceability by assigning blue numbers through a partnership with Bluenumber.

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