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Our Portfolio


NeoAura ( supports farmers in the transition from experienced-based farming to data-driven farming, with Compassion as Centre. We use complex technologies like Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML), Neural Networks(NN), Blockchain to solve current problems and more importantly to predict and prevent upcoming problems in farming.

Srestha farm ( works with the farming community, help them in connecting to the latest technologies and infrastructure in the overall farming process. Sreshta farm will be partnering with the local FPOs for sourcing, work with one of the best processing plants and use the latest marketing techniques to reach out to more consumers.

Aeroespacial Technologies ( focus on democratizing the field of agricultural drones, Agriculture Spraying, vegetation mapping, crop health monitoring, mining services, The technology areas catered under the ambit of autonomous and aerial systems include design and development of flight control systems (autopilot), payload control mechanisms, three axis gimbal control systems, drone based geospatial mapping and surveillance, mathematical modelling, simulation and system identification of various complex systems.

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